Galassi – Wetland Reserve Enhancement – 2020

Invitation to Bid

Upper Nehalem Watershed Council (UNWC) is requesting bids for:Galassi – Wetland Reserve Enhancement”.

Mandatory Pre-Bid Site Meeting: Thursday, May 14th, 2020 at 1pm sharp, at Galassi property located at 14431 Wallace Rd., Clatskanie, Oregon 97016. Contractor must attend site meeting in order to submit Bid to UNWC.

Bids Submission Deadline: Thursday, May 28th, 2020 by 4pm. All Bids must be clearly labeled “Galassi – Wetland Reserve Enhancement – 2020. Electronic copies of bid documents can be downloaded below or requested via email:


Bid Submission Location

Via mail or hand-delivery: UNWC, 1201 Texas Avenue, Suite A, Vernonia, Oregon 97064



Project Description: A wetland enhancement project designed by the Natural Resource Conservation Service located near the town of Mist, near the junction of Hwy 202 and Hwy 47, within the Nehalem River Valley of the North Coast Range of Oregon.  Project starts in the fall of 2020 and ends in the Fall of 2025.

Project Purpose: The project is designed to improve wetland function and increase biodiversity by altering unnatural drainage patterns (including: excavation of drainage tile, installing ditch plug and removing a culvert), construction of a series of micro mounds and depressions and installing wetland and upland plantings (including mechanical and chemical site prep/site maintenance and installing conservation cover and trees and shrubs with appropriate plant protection, and maintaining plantings to a free to grow condition).


Contractor Requirements

The Contractor will furnish all labor, supplies, and equipment necessary for completion of the project in accordance with the specifications outlined in this document and communicated during the mandatory pre-Bid site meeting.

Contractor’s CCB license must be current. UNWC will not consider a bid proposal for a contract unless the Contractor is registered with Oregon CCB and demonstrates a good performance record.

Contractor’s (or subcontractor to contractor) commercial pesticide applicator’s license must be current (or subcontractor to contractor).

Contractor must provide 3 references with Bid demonstrating that contractor has prior experience with wetland restoration construction. Construction includes: maintaining consistent work flow onsite and as per practice schedule; and assuring environmental protections, fire protection specifications and safety standards are adhered to during operation, at all times, without exception.