• Results-oriented
  • Dependable
  • Demand success from selves and others
  • Pioneer spirit
  • Track record of success
  • Accountable
  • Effective
  • Respectful




  • We promote sustainability so kids can grow and thrive in a healthy ecosystem
  • We serve all the people of the state of Oregon
  • We’re promoting a healthy ecosystem for fish, trees, people and animals
  • A healthy watershed is an indicator of a healthy community
  • The population is connected to the watershed where they live
  • A healthy watershed affects the quality of life for future generations
  • Think globally; act locally
  • We’re getting back to a vision of Pacific Northwest as big trees, big fish




We want to:


  • Cross the river on the backs of native salmon
  • Lead other watershed groups to greater success
  • Be first Oregon Watershed Council to meet DEQ goals
  • Be first Oregon Watershed Council to complete watershed action plan
  • Restore fish passage and riparian zones throughout whole watershed
  • Be able to say that fish have secure, sustainable and harvestable population
  • See complete compatibility between forest practices and watershed improvement
  • Eradicate noxious weeds throughout watershed within 20 years or less
  • Complete baseline assessment for whole watershed AND show measurable improvement
  • Have $250,000 per year in unrestricted funding
  • Improve network of watershed councils to enable joint funding and other cooperative efforts




Picture a day when you can once again walk across the river on the backs of salmon.  Your investment in our efforts is an investment in the creation of a living legacy and a sustainable community, ecosystem and economy.  Our proven track record of success is indicative of our inclusive, respectful process of delivering on-the-ground measurable results.


The UNWC’s work is leaving a lasting legacy while improving the local economy.


Picture a place where happy people can enjoy cold clear streams full of native salmon flowing through corridors of old-growth trees.


The UNWC is an important piece of the puzzle of restoring our environment


We are inspired by the extraordinary living beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  We are motivated by the loss of what originally existed here and we are moved to help restore the bug trees and big fish within an economic system that values both of these resources.







The Upper Nehalem Watershed Council is in its 16th year of protecting and restoring the Upper Nehalem Watershed.  We are a dedicated and dependable grassroots organization with a proven track record of success and measurable results.  We value productive forests, cool, clean, clear water, sustainable ecosystems and healthy communities full of informed citizens.  We are working diligently to reforest our waterways and improve salmon habitat in respectful cooperation with local stakeholders.