Principal Activities*



Activity:          Watershed Improvement Projects

Participants:    Board of Directors/Steering Committee, Coordinator, Council members, landowners, Technical Advisory Committee members, volunteers, restoration crew, Oregon Youth Conservation Corp, private contractors

Location:         Nehalem Watershed

Frequency:      Periodically

Significance:   The focus of Council efforts is aimed toward improving watershed conditions and aiding native salmon population recovery. The council conducted a watershed assessment and produced an action plan that supports the planning and implementation of specific improvement projects (e.g., water quality monitoring, riparian zone reforestation, culvert or logging road improvements, salmon habitat improvement, etc.) that are critical to improving stream conditions and salmon runs.  These events are extremely satisfying and important for landowners, council members and the public and provide excellent opportunities to educate and inform the public of actions that benefit all watershed stakeholders.  We will be seeking foundation resources and other forms of support to fund this important work.



Activity:          Board of Directors/Steering Committee meetings

Participants:    Directors, stakeholder representatives, coordinator

Location:         Mist-Birkenfeld Fire Hall, Council office or Birkenfeld Store

Frequency:      Quarterly, as needed

Significance:   Supports planning and leadership functions of the council.  Sets agenda for the next council meeting.  Relates directly to our role of creating a Watershed Assessment and Action Plan and in coordinating the activities of this volunteer organization.  Oversees and evaluates staff performance.  Make emergency decisions for the council.



Activity:          Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Meetings

Participants:    Directors, council members, coordinator, technical advisors and general public

Location:         Mist-Birkenfeld Fire Hall

Frequency:      Bi-Monthly

Significance:   All official business of the Council is conducted at monthly meetings.  Meetings are held consistent with bylaws including the selection of officers, etc.  Voting rules are through consensus or a 2/3rds positive vote.  Watershed assessment, action plan, watershed improvement projects, staff activities are reviewed, developed and approved by the council.



Activity:          Public Forums

Participants:    Council members, staff, guests, members of the Technical Advisory Committee, public

Location:         Mist-Birkenfeld Fire hall, Vernonia Grange, Jewell School

Frequency:      Quarterly

Significance:   The Council has established a Technical Advisory Committee composed principally of federal and state agency officials (e.g., Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Department of Forestry, Department of Environmental Quality, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Water Resource Department, etc.) to advise us on watershed issues.  Each quarter we sponsor a public forum through which these

Officials or other speakers brief us on current issues and allow us to ask questions.  These events serve a strong education function and help expand membership.



Activity:          Joint Board of Directors meetings

Participants:    Board of Directors, Council members and coordinator from the Lower and Upper Nehalem Watershed Council, coordinator, technical advisors, presenters

Location:         Oney`s Restaurant, Camp 18

Frequency:      Periodically

Significance:   The Upper Nehalem Watershed Council has been established to deal with environmental issues in the upper section of the river.  In order to gain a system-wide perspective and help develop water quality and salmon recovery strategies for the entire watershed, representatives from both councils meet periodically to consider issues of mutual concern and interest.  These meetings help generate broad support for our efforts and provide a mechanism for sharing information.



The Upper Nehalem Watershed Council is an all-volunteer organization.  We charge no fees for our services or activities.