Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Minutes June 27, 2013 (approved 8/29/13)

Steering Committee Members present:

Cory Colburn, Lee Klingler, Eric Larke, Gil McClain, Aaron Miller, Fred Oviatt (excused self), Rachel Wilcoxen


Also present: 

Maggie Peyton, Steve Sorbets, Victoria Adams, Dan Avery, Marie Knight


  • 6:30: Straight to presentation (no chair or vice)

Presentation:          Dan Avery – ODFW

“Coastal Coho Conservation Implementation Plan”


  • Presentation followed by Q & A
  • Public Comment: Good of the Order (none)

Council Business:

  • Minutes for annual Meeting 5/18/13
    • Eric L. moved/Lee K. seconded – passed
  • Elections:
    • Cory C. moved to elect Jason Busch as chair/Eric L. seconded – passed
    • Aaron M. moved to elect Cory C. as vice-chair until he dies/Rachel W. seconded – passed
    • Eric L. moved to elect Lee Klingler as treasurer/Lee K. seconded – passed
    • Lee K. moved to elect Rachel Wilcoxen secretary/Eric L. seconded – passed
  • Treasurer’s Report: Lee Klingler
    • Lee K. introduced Victoria Adams as the UNWC’s new bookkeeper
    • Aaron M. moved to accept as presented/Eric L. seconded – passed
  • Executive Director’s Report: Maggie Peyton
    • Pebble creek update
    • Projects progress
    • Council Support – Secure Match
  • 8:55 Adjourned Meeting


Next meeting:          August 29, 2013 (July/August combined)

6:30 to 8:30 = New UNWC office at VSD office?

  • Reminder: November/December combined as well – Date?