Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Minutes January 24, 2013 (Approved 2/28/13)


Steering Committee Members present:

Aaron Miller Lee Klinger Gil McClain Rachel Wilcoxen Vic Dykstra Jason Busch
Cory Colburn

Also present: 

Maggie Peyton Jo Zettler Steve Sorbets Marie Knight Ben Fousek


6:40    Called to Order by Cory Colburn (vice-chair)

  • Allowed for public comment: Ben Fousek
    • Beneke creek mapping (final first project) presentation
    • Treasures Report – Lee Klinger
      • Moved to accepted treasures report as presented: Rachel Wilcoxen / seconded Cory Colburn. Passed unanimous.
      • Approved minutes from December 6, 2012 meeting
        • Moved to accept as written: Cory Colburn / seconded Aaron Miller. Passed unanimous.
        • Any other business:
          • Maggie strategic plan (Offered highlights)
          • Lee read the attorney general opinion concerning non-profit vs. public contract law (is there an attachment?)


7:10    Committees convened (Reviewing committee tasks and progress moved to end of meeting)

  • Finance Committee: Aaron Miller (Chair), Vic Dykstra, Lee Klinger. Also in attendance: Marie Knight, Steve Sorbets
    • Contracted services policy (goal: completed approved plan ready to present at Annual Meeting in May): Reviewed.  Marie/Maggie to find different ones for next meeting from other councils.
    • Develop a long range financial plan for more balanced revenue generation (goal: completed approved plan ready to present at Annual Meeting in May): Marie presented long-range financial plans that included projected revenue generation/needs.
    • Review insurance policies. Review Inventory lists. Contact insurance companies: Tabled to next work session.
    • Human Resources Committee:Rachel Wilcoxen, Jo Zettler, Gil McClain, Jason Busch, Cory Colburn
      • Director Evaluation: Discussed options for wage increase based on evaluation and debriefed process. It worked!
      • Review and present personnel policies (goal: Due April 2013 at UNWC meeting). Reviewed Employee Handbook. Read over and report to Jo any changes.
      • Steering Committee recruitment: brainstormed list linked to needs of UNWC. Assigned first contact off recruitment list. Jo to send out with a script for recruitment.

8:15    Reconvened then to executive session.

8:30    Adjourned

Next meeting: February 28, 2013 at Grange = 6:30 p.m.