February 28th Committee Work Session Minutes (approved 4/25/13)



Council Members: Cory Colburn (vice chair), Jason Busch (chairman),

Vic Dykstra, Lee Klingler (treasurer)

Also Present: Maggie Peyton (executive director), Stevan Sorbets (executive assistant), Marie Knight (bookkeeper), Jo Zettler (Human Resources Committee), Alex Berg (interested citizen)


6:55   Meeting called to order by Cory Colburn

7:00   Public Comment

Alex Berg is looking for help with habitat restoration, steam bank stabilization, the planting and protection of new trees on his property along Fishhawk Creek.  Maggie will get together with him and explore situation.

7:15   Treasurers report

Lee Klingler presented the treasurers report. Cory Colburn moved that the report be accepted as presented, Lee Klingler seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Cory Colburn moved that the Personnel Policy changes be accepted as presented at the January meeting, Lee Klingler seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

7:35: Steering Committee split into HR and Fiscal committees.

  • This was cancelled as not enough members were present.

Council discussed the Weyerhaeuser/Pebble Creek project, covering what has been accomplished so far, what to ask for in next parts of the project, what lessons have been learned and ideas for Maggies future negotiations.

  • Members of the Fiscal Committee are taking home copies of 2 more “Contractual Policies” from other Watershed Councils to review. Time to be made for Fiscal committee at next meeting.

8:25 Room cleared for Executive Session

8:40 The Steering Committee reconvened. In open session it was moved by Lee Klingler and seconded by Vic Dykstra to reimburse the Executive Director for the increased monthly health insurance allocation back to and including October, 2012. The motion carried unanimously.

8:45  Meeting Adjourned