Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Steering Committee Meeting

August 29, 2013Minutes (approved 9/27/13)


Steering Committee Members present: Jason Busch, Cory Colburn, Lee Klingler, Eric Larke, Gil McClain, Aaron Miller, Rachel Wilcoxen

Also presentMaggie Peyton, Steve Sorbets, Victoria Adams, Jo Zettler


  • Chairman Jason Busch called meeting to order at 6:40
  • Jason allowed for public comment. None.

Council Business:

  • Minutes for June 27, 2013 accepted as presented
    • Cory C. moved/Lee K. seconded – passed
  • Treasurer’s Report: Lee Klingler
    • Discussion led by Eric L. concerning fuel as a line item on Time and Material bids (difficult to track).
    • Rachel W.  moved to accept treasure’s report as presented/Cory C.  seconded – passed
  • 2013-14 Steering Committee Annual  Plan presentation by Jo Zettler
    • (Jo can you email a copy?)
    • To consider: a 4-hour work session to be scheduled in February (Some Saturday after the first major rain. Note: 2/15/13 during 4-day weekend for VSD; Wilcoxen unavailable.
    • Assigned new/existing members:

Finance Committee: Cory Colburn, Vic Dykstra, Lee Klingler, Eric Larke, Aaron Miller

Human Resources Committee: Jason Busch, Gil McClain, Fred Oviatt, Rachel Wilcoxen, Jo Zettler

  • Lee K. made a motion to adopt the Plan as a working document allowing for adjustments as needed/Cory C. seconded – passed
  • Focus for September 26, 2013 subcommittees:

Finance: Contracts

Human Resources: Education/Outreach (research how other nonprofits handle –refer to Strategic Plan)

  • Executive Director’s Report: Maggie Peyton
    • Oak Creek Ranch project discussion on Apiary Rd. closure
    • Rock Creek Project: Oct. 22nd grant deadline
    • Rapid Bio. Assessment for Pebble Creek (Coho) being considered
    • Salmon Festival October 5, 2013 (Claudia, Stream Table, etc.)
    • Full E.D. report at September meeting. Note: Quarterly Report scheduled for October meeting as per adopted 2013-14 Steering Committee Annual Plan)
    • OWEB: Maggie P./Jo Z. will submit work plan in October
    • Fee for Service Protocolneed discussed.
      • RE: Share our expertise as consultants. Maggie P. has request out to other council’s as to their protocols/procedures.
  • Motion to Adjourn: Eric L./Seconded Gil M. – passed
  • 8:25 Adjourned


Next meeting:          September 26, 2013 @ 6:30 to 8:30 UNWC office

                                    Note: This is scheduled subcommittee meeting.