Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Minutes April 25, 2013 (approved 5/18/13)

Steering Committee Members present:

Aaron Miller Lee Klingler Gil McClain Rachel Wilcoxen Jason Busch
Cory Colburn

Also present: 

Maggie Peyton Jo Zettler Steve Sorbets Marie Knight


6:33    Meeting called to order by Jason Busch

  • Allowed for Public Comment: Eric Larke presented that the UNWC name had been listed on the web site www.ifish.net as a result of our council support to North Coast State Forest Coalition (?). Suggested in the future to write a separate letter of support directly instead of adding council name as a sponsor. RE: Maintains control of how UMWC name is used.
  • Approve minutes of February 28, 2013 meeting
    • Motion to approve: Lee Klinger/Second: Gil McClain = approved
  • Treasurers Report: Lee Klingler
    • Motion to approve as presented: Aaron Miller/Second: Rachel Wilcoxen = approved
    • Marie Knight announced retirement in June 2013 and a replace will be sought. Marie will be missed and her work was appreciated. Will stay on as advisor for transition.

7:05    Executive Report – Update by Maggie Peyton

  • Handed out draft strategic plan to be presented at annual meeting w/Jo Zettler
  • Handed out Spring-Summer workload list of projects
    • Presented and discussed
    • Discussion on Oak Ranch Project (Closing Apiary discussion)


7:45    Watershed Council Self Evaluation – Jo Zettler

  • Handed out evaluation. Steering committee completed the how is the Council doing and skipped the how important to effectiveness (time and last survey showed all  were important to council effectiveness)

8:00    Annual meeting prep – Jason = subway sandwich, rest contribute

  • New members discussion
    • May under 18 years of age be a member? (Rachel will look into)
    • Recruitment of young folk – Miller/Wilcoxen
  • Adopt personnel policy (Jo? Secretary? Will look to see if needs adoption


8:25    Adjourn Meeting.

Next meeting: Annual Meeting Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grange: 10:00 – 2:00