Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Post-annual Meeting May 18, 2013

Steering Committee Members present:

Aaron Miller Lee Klingler Gil McClain Rachel Wilcoxen Jason Busch
Cory Colburn Vic Dykstra

Also present: 

Maggie Peyton Jo Zettler Steve Sorbets Fred Oviatt Eric Larke


1:00 PM         Meeting called to order by Jason Busch

  • Elections:
    • Motion to unanimously re-elect the slate made by Eric Larke (To re-elected Cory Coburn, Vic Dykstra, Jason Busch, Gil McClain)
    • Seconded by Lee Klingler
    • Passed unanimously


  • Nomination of new members: Fred Oviatt and Eric Larke nominated by Jo Zettler
    • Motion to elect new members Fred Oviatt and Eric Larke
    • Seconded by Cory Colburn
    • Passed unanimously
  • Officers to be elected next meeting
    • Note: July/August are combined
    • November/December are combined


  • Treasurers Report: Lee Klingler
    • Motion to approve as presented: Lee Klinger/Second: Cory Colburn = approved
    • Discussed Marie Knight replacement process and progress
    • Moved by Fred Oviatt and seconded by Cory Colburn to approve April 2013 minutes. Unanimous.
  • Jo Zettler: Proved highlights from UNWC Steering Committee self-evaluation.
  • Good of the order: Thanked Jo for all she does, Lee too.
  • Moved to adjourn by Vic Dykstra and seconded by Lee Klinger. Unanimous.
  • Adjourned @ 1:30



Next meeting: June 28, 2013

Vernonia Grange: 6:30-8:30