Thursday September 27th, 2012



Steve Sorbets (Staff-Ex. Asst.)                         Maggie Peyton (Staff- Ex. Dir.)

Marie Knight (Staff- Bookkeeper)                  Rachel Wilcoxen (S.C. Secretary)

Jason Busch (S.C. Chairman)                          Aaron Miller (S.C. Member)

Lee Klingler (S.C. Treasurer)                          Jo Zettler

Vic Dykstra (S.C. Member)                             Cory Colburn (S.C. Vice-chairman)

6:30 Meeting Convenes: welcome and introductions

6:35 Announcements/Public Comments:

Time was provided for Public Comments. None were forthcoming.

6:40 Action Items:

Minutes: Consider and approve minutes from last meetings

Moved (Lee Klingler) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to approve the minutes of the July meeting as presented. Motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

            Business: Executive Director – performance review – process

Personnel committee is to develop a performance review process during the October work session and in November conduct Maggie Peyton’s review.

Business: Operating Budget for period starting October 1st  2012  and ending September 30th 2013

Moved (Aaron Miller) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to approve the operating budget as presented with the sole change that the line item (General Fund – 7,500 will changed to an ending balance)


Business: 6 Month Organizational Plan (Maggie Peyton, Jo Zettler)

Moved (Aaron Miller) and seconded (Lee Klingler) to approve a 1 year Organizational Plan with Quarterly Business meetings, all other monthly meetings will be work sessions. Motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


Quarterly meetings will occur on September (4th  Thursday), December (1st Thursday), March (4th  Thursday) and in May at the annual meeting. These dates are flexible and may be changed or the Quarterly meeting may be exchanged with a work session meeting in a different month.


Someone is to call or email all committee members one week prior to each work session with a list of priority tasks for each committee.



Personnel Committee: Jason Busch, Jo Zettler, Rachel Wilcoxen, and Gil McClain.

Finance Committee: Lee Klingler, Cory Colburn, Aaron Miller, Vic Dykstra

Recruitment Committee:

Project Development Committee:

October work session:

Committees meet to discuss issues.

Personnel: Director’s performance review, research retirement benefits for Director,  review personnel policies

Finance: Review and approve large expenditures and non-budgeted items, contracted services policies and contract template.

Recruitment: Start identifying future Steering Committee members and involve them in a project or a committee.

 7:00 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurer’s Report (Lee Klingler)

Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Treasurer’s Report


UNWC received $430,327 of income over this past fiscal year ( Hey! That’s a lot of bucks coming into the area…… good job, Maggie)

Expenses of the past year totaled $469,239. Since we had advanced substantial dollars prior to the beginning of this fiscal year, UNWC still holds $28,982 in its checking account.

UNWC received $129,300 in income and had expenses of $133,500 ($4200 deficit) since we last met in July. Payroll averaged $7,500 per month (compared to $4,500 July and $19,991 in June). Contracted services was up substantially ( $110,721 over the past 2 months vs.$13,017 the previous two months) due to major summer construction at Beneke and Pebble Creek.

Reimbursement/Advancement Activity:

Received USFWS advancement of $8,000 (Beneke), OWEB advancement of $27,000 (Beneke), $69,000 (Pebble Creek) and $28,000 (Lousignont). We returned about $4,000 to OWEB due to time guidelines (Council Support/RBA III)

Contracted Services Activity:

Western Oregon University – $10,000 (GIS data files, RBA II and III) $27,500 to Aquatic Contracting (Beneke LWD, $24,500 to Aquatic Contracting (Pebble Creek LWD) $47,500 to Weyerhaeuser (Pebble Creek bridge) and $1,600 to Carex consulting.



Received $913 for trees (Bruce Fleming)


Current Financial/Record Management Practices:

All expenditures are being properly documented. Bank accounts are being checked and reconciled monthly. Profit and Lows statement for this past month and fiscal year are provided.


Handout – July 25 – September 25, 2012 Profit and Loss statement; fiscal year P&L statement.


Submitted September 25, 2012 by Lee Klingler, UNWC Treasurer


Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to approve the payment of the above highlighted and underlined checks.


  • Discussion Item: Director’s Report (Maggie Peyton)

Current Projects:

Lousignout – LWD

Project done.

Pebble Creek – LWD/passage

Finished both LWD and Bridge

Beneke – LWD

130 trees placed at 19 sites

Fishhawk Lake – passage/habitat/WQ

Meeting with ODFW this winter.  A draft engineering report is out.

Fleming Pond – wetland mitigation

The pond is done.  UNWC wetlands mitigation in progress, seed now, start planting after the rains start.


Native plant nursery – Greenhouse – Vernonia School

In Progress

Riparian – summer maintenance

Done on several projects and nursery.

                                    Water quality – temperature – upper Nehalem/Fishhawk

                                    19 water gauges in with the Vernonia Schools (Aaron)

Volunteers: Riverview riparian

Events:  Intel picnic/nature walk – Heritage Days – Salmon Fest

Salmon Watch – Leaf Pack,  need to pick up Claudia for Salmon Fest

Tours:  OSU graduate students – Vernonia floodplain/watershed

Communities natural resources class

OSU – ID outdoors project (soon)

Reports in progress: Jewell II

            Monitoring:  Jewell III, East Humbug, Justice, Elk 1 & II

            Kenusky next.

            Final:  DEQ 2011, RBA III, PCJV

DEQ done, RBA III soon, PCJV next week

Columbia SWCD – annual report

Contracts:  Aquatic Contracting – Beneke/Pebble

MOA: ODF – Lousignont LWD, Golf Course – riparian, private landowners x 3

Riparian planting this winter.

Grant Agreements in-progress: Oak Ranch, DEQ 2013 (New Representative)

OWEB Grant apps in-progress:

We got Oak Ranch. We didn’t get LFA or Carmichael

October 22nd

Pebble phase II – salmon habitat/passage/riparian

Got Oak Ranch, did not get LFA or Carmichael


Lidar/stream layer – Rock Creek

Nehalem – Carmichael off channel wetland complex

Other Grants:


Governor’s fund for the environment –

DEQ preproposal


DEQ 2014


8:50 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well!