UNWC Committee Work session Minutes:


Steering Committee Present: Aaron Miller, Lee Klinger, Gil McClain, Rachel Wilcoxen, Vic Dykstra, Jason Busch.

Also present:  Maggie Peyton, Jo Zettler, Steve Sorbets, Marie Knight


  • Meeting called to order by Chairman Jason Busch at 6:36 pm
  • Jason allowed for public comment
    • The salmon are back
    • Treasure’s report by Treasure Lee Klinger
      • By-law’s state treasure’s report is required monthly
      • Ignore second column of report as missing last dates: Marie Knight will look into.
      • Checks signed did not need approval as per policy
      • Motion to approve treasure’s report? Seconded?
      • Executive Director Maggie Peyton presented for discussion OWEB’s overhaul of council report.
        • Concern: Combing upper/lower Nehalem councils
        • Discussion: Attendance at listening sessions, send comments.
        • Maggie will draft a letter for December 2012 meeting stating UNWC concerns.
        • Community member Jo Zettler presents Checklist for Effective Committees
        • Broke into sub-committees
          • Human Resource Committee:
            • Chair: Jason Busch
            • Members: Rachel Wilcoxen, Gil McClain, Jo Zettler
  • Finance Committee:
    • Members: Aaron Miller (chair), Vic Dykstra, Lee Klinger, Marie Knight
    • Committees re-adjourned and presented:
      • Aaron present Finance Committee report:
        • Motion by Aaron Miller: To approve expenditure approval policy for over $10,000.00, seconded by Lee Klinger. Passed
        • Current goals of the Finance Committee
          • Expenditure approval policy on checks $10,000 and over. (Completed)
          • Finalize Contracted Services Policy (January work session/ongoing) goal: completed/approved plan ready to present at Annual Meeting in May 2013.
          • Develop a long range financial plan for more balanced revenue generation. (January work session/ongoing) goal: Completed/approved plan ready to present at Annual Meeting.
          • Review Insurance policies (Inventory review at January meeting) contact insurance companies.
          • Conduct inventory of council assets. (Have done by December meeting) goal: inventory will be presented at the Dec. 6th meeting.
  • Jason Busch presented Human Resources Committee report:
    • Director evaluation process decided and approved. In a nutshell: all steering committee members plus executive director will have a chance to submit an anonymous evaluation based on job description points of executive director. Volunteer will compile summary and HRC will present to executive director (in this case 6:00 pm on December 6, 2012 – prior to UNWC meeting). After, Chair will meet with executive director for final evaluation. Final evaluation will be given to steering committee at steering committee meeting in January?
    • Current goals of HR Committee are:
      • Director evaluation process – due 10/25/12
      • Complete Director evaluation – due 12/6/12
      • Review and present personnel policies – due April 2013 at UNWC meeting
      • Steering committee recruitment – due Annual Meeting 2013
      • Adjourned 8:45 pm