Thursday March 22, 2012




Rachel Wilcoxen:  S.C. member                    Jo Zettler:  Citizen at Large  

Jason Busch: S.C. Chairman                          Aaron Miller:  S.C. member              

Lee Klingler: S.C. Treasurer                           Cory Colburn: S.C. Vice-Chair

Gil McClain:  S.C. Member                            Steve Sorbets: Staff-Ex. Asst.

Maggie Peyton: Staff-Ex. Dir.                                   Marie Knight: Staff-Bookkeeper


7:07 Meeting Convenes: welcome and introductions

7:10 Announcements/Public Comments: as provided

Beach cleanup March 31st. Pick your beach.

SOLV cleanup in Vernonia

7:10 Minutes:

Action Item: Consider and approve minutes from last meeting.

Moved (Lee Klingler) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to approve the minutes of the Feb. 23rd meeting of the Steering Committee. Motion passed unanimously.


7:20     Action Item: Annual Meeting

Jason Busch will be MC.

All regular monthly meeting business will happen at the Annual Meeting.

Volunteers to set up and tear down will need to be at the Grange Hall at 9:30 AM

Jo Zettler will be in charge of the potluck reminder.

8:00 Organizational Development:   Strategic plan (Maggie and Jo)

The Strategic Plan is still under development. It will be updated periodically.

The Personnel Committee needs to work out a process for evaluating the Ex. Dir.  They may want to help the Ex. Dir. Work  out a process for evaluating Staff.

8:15 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurer’s Report (Lee Klinger)

UNWC Treasurers Report March 22, 2012

Overview: UNWC continues to be in a sustainable financial position.

Grant Activity: received over $10,000.00 in grant disbursements since we last met on Feb. 23rd. New grant reimbursements have been submitted and are being processed.

Bank Balance: $37,500 in the bank after approved checks have cleared.

Current financial/record management practices: All expenditures are being properly documented. Bank accounts are being checked and reconciled monthly. Overview of profit and loss report for last month and the fiscal year beginning October 1st is provided. Detailed Profit and Loss Statement for the preceding month is available on request.


  • Discussion Item: Director’s Report (Maggie Peyton)

Marie Knight is doing a great job as Bookkeeper.

Filing cabinets are getting more organized each month.

A new grant has been approved.

8:25 Other business:

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Lee Klingler) to change the starting time of the Steering Committee meeting to 6:30 PM. Motion passed unanimously.

Steve Sorbets should add an action item (generate next meeting’s agenda) to the agenda at all future meetings

8:35 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well!