Thursday June 28th , 2012


Vic Dykstra (SC member)                  Marie Knight (Staff)                          Gil McClain (SC member)

Rachel Wilcoxen (SC member)         Maggie Peyton (Staff)                       Cory Colburn (Vice Chair)

Jo Zetler (Personnel Committee)     Lee Klingler (Treasurer)                     Jason Busch (Chairman)

Aaron Miller (SC member)                Bob Rees (Presenter)                         Bruce Sigloh              

Tom Rupers                                        Troy Horton                                       David Mclean

Eugene Whitley                                 Jim Dahlquist                                     Bob Yoder     

Tyler Joki                                            Marci Denison

6:40 Meeting Convenes: welcome and introductions

Attendees introduced themselves to the group

6:45 Announcements/Public Comments:

Time was made available for Public Comments. There were no Public Comments.

6:50 Minutes: Action Item: Consider and approve minutes from last meetings.

Moved (Lee Klingler) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to approve the minutes from 4/26 as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved (Lee Klingler) and seconded (Aaron Miller) to approve the minutes from 5/19 as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

7:00 Officer Elections

Jason Busch opened floor for nominations for Chairperson.

Jason Busch was nominated for Chairperson (Rachel Wilcoxen) and seconded (Lee Klingler). Jason accepted nomination. Moved to close nominations (Rachel Wilcoxen) and seconded (Vic Dykstra)

Moved to keep all positions filled with same council members as last year (Lee Klingler) and seconded (Vic Dykstra).

Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary-new position

Nomination for Rachel Wilcoxen to fill Secretary position (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Aaron Miller)

Motion passed unanimously.

7:15 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurer’s Report (Lee Klingler)
    • Lee reported a higher than usual expenditure vs. income amount. Reimbursements and advancement payments have been requested and will be received soon. DEQ reimbursement of approximately $10k, LFA reimbursement of approximately $4800, and a Council Support advancement of approximately $12K.
    • Discussion of cash flow issues, funding sources
    • Summer staffing; 1 crew member, mainly working in nursery
    • Discussion Item: Director’s Report (Maggie Peyton)
      • We have been busy wrapping up riparian planting.
      • Nursery is fully stocked for fall planting
      • Putting projects out to bid; Lousignot-large wood placement with ODFW; Pebble Creek-need to finish 2 miles of large wood placement/build bridge with Weyerhauser; Beneke-went to public bid, 2 bids received. Apparent low bidder was Aquatic Contracting.
      • Vic & Lee are working with Maggie on contracting documents
      • Aaron-is placing temp gauges in the Upper Nehalem, students are helping with this project. He is working with UNWC and the  DEQ; this project is part of the curriculum for the forestry class at Vernonia High School. Suggestion of having students on council committee.  (Jason Busch)
      • Summer is the time to develop projects and have them ready for the Oct OWEB deadline. 3 technical assistance grants were submitted to OWEB this spring in technical review: Oak Ranch, Carmichael and Rock Creek.


7:45 “Fishhawk Limiting Factors” – general overview and open discussion of issues impacting the health of the lake and surrounding watershed.

  • Maggie had a presentation and facilitated an in depth discussion with Fishhawk Lake residents and board members.
  • Fishhawk Lake is working on two big projects; spillway and fish ladder
  • Fishhawk Lake group recognized Maggie Peyton for being very influential in getting things taken care of at the lake in the past. They requested the help of UNWC on the new projects as available.
  • Jason Busch who is on the Columbia SWCD Board (Fishhawk being in his part of the district) and Columbia SWCD Watershed Technician – Tyler Joki offered to assist the community.
  • The second Saturday of September the engineer who is working on these projects will be presenting at the Fishhawk Lake board meeting.


8:14 Presentation: “Establishing Conservation Areas in State Forest-North Coast Landscapes– Bob Rees-North Coast Forest Campaign Manager presented on behalf of the North Coast State Forest Coalition on the conservation communities effort to help establish permanent conservation  areas on the state forest landscape.  Bob asked for support and passed out postcards for anyone interested to complete. He will also be sending an endorsement letter and asked for the support of UNWC. This will be a discussion item at the next meeting.

9:00 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well!