Thursday July 26th, 2012



Debbie Pickering (The Nature Conservancy)                      Steve Sorbets (Staff-Ex. Asst.)

Jason McCoy (ODF – Clatsop)                                                            Rachel Wilcoxen (UNWC-Secretary)

Jason Busch (UNWC-Chairman)                                Lee Klingler (UNWC-Treasurer)

Vic Dykstra (UNWC-Council member)                      Cory Colburn (UNWC-Vice Chairman)

Marie Knight (Staff-Bookkeeper)                             Wayne Carmichael (Landowner)

Laurie Carmichael (Landowner)                               Eugene Whitley (Fishhawk Lake)

Gil McClain (UNWC-Council Member)


6:30 Meeting Convenes: welcome and introductions

6:35 Announcements/Public Comments:

            Time was made available for announcements or public comments. There were none.

6:40 Presentation:

Debbie Pickering of the Nature Conservancy presented the Nehalem Conservation Action Plan from start to finish.

The plan was designed to develop partnerships between community groups, landowners and public agencies to assess and prioritize conservation needs and actions in the Nehalem Watershed. NCAP has identified 6 target systems (Forests, Freshwater, Riparian, Estuary and Associated Ecosystems, Open Lands, and the Columbia Basaltic Ridge) as the focus of this conservation plan. The sponsoring organizations believe this plan can integrate current information and data for a better understanding of the current ecological state of the watershed, identification of practical strategies that can be supported by conservation groups, landowners and public agencies, prioritize actions to be taken, develop partnerships to implement those actions, and create a broader understanding of conservation needs and opportunities in the Nehalem watershed.


The NCAP has progressed to the implementation stage – involving a steering committee in support of implementation committees that each focus on one or two of the six target systems. Maggie serves on 3 of the 5 committees, which includes the communications committee that Aaron Miller is the chair of.


There are copies of the NCAP report and Executive summary available at the UNWC office and online at www.unwc.nehalem.org


7:30 Minutes: Action Item: Consider and approve minutes from last meetings.

            Moved (Vic Dykstra) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to approve the minutes of the June meeting as presented. Motion passed unanimously. No abstentions

7:40 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurer’s Report (Lee Klingler)

Treasurers Report July 26th 2012


Good News – UNWC received about $22,500 more money than we spent this last month, more than making up for the previous month’s $21,500 deficit. This is primarily due to $32,000 of less expenses reported this month along with a $12,000 increase in grant monies received. The major decrease in expenses was Payroll ($4,521 this month vs $19,991 last month) and Contracted Services ( $0 this month vs $13,017 last month). Contracted Services expense will be going up in the next couple of months due to construction on Lousignont, Pebble and Beneke in-stream projects.

Reimbursement/Advancement Activity:

Most of the $10,266 DEQ reimbursement has been received. Recall this was the second request UNWC made to DEQ for this amount and was partially the reason for last month’s large financial deficit. Additionally a LFA grant reimbursement fo $4,949 was received as well as a Council Support 3-month grant advancement of $12,375.


David and Barbara Slader sent UNWC a $100 donation! This donation has been deposited in savings for use on a future worthy project.

Bank Balance:

UNWC currently has $31,605 in the checking account.

Current Financial/Record Management Practices

All expenses are being properly documented. Bank accounts are being checked and reconciled monthly. Profit and Loss statements for this past month and fiscal year to date are provided.

Handout – June 28th –July 25th 2012 Profit and Loss statement; Fiscal year  P&L statement (note: due to vacation schedules, some costs…..rent, supplies, utilities, etc. were not entered in this P&L statement and will be shown next month)

Submitted by Lee Klingler, UNWC Treasurer

  • Discussion Item: Director’s Report (Maggie Peyton)

Maggie had the opportunity to meet the State Forester – Doug Decker in an impromptu meeting of north coast citizens hosted in Nehalem by Bob Reese. Copies of NCAP were presented to the State Forester – Doug Decker, Mike Borderlan, Liz Dent and Bob VanDyk – of the Wild Salmon Center. During the open house at the Camp Tillamook Native Plant Nursery Maggie had the opportunity to meet DEQ Director – Dick Peterson who was accompanied by York Johsnson – future regional rep for DEQ. She expressed to him the importance of having DEQ regional support for the 319 program and what a great job Bruce Apple has done over the years in the north coast. The local support has provided the north coast watershed councils with the funding and technical support needed to accomplish all the good riparian restoration and water quality monitoring work done over the last 15 years. DEQ funds used to leverage restoration cost share funds has increased the restoration impact exponentially in the north coast and especially the Nehalem basin.

She also saw the greenhouse in  Tillamook that is like the one soon to be built on Vernonia School Property. Aaron and Betsy attended the open house as well. Looking forward to building the new greenhouse at the new school this fall


Current Projects: Instream work to be completed by August 30th.

Lousignout – salmon habitat improvement – mid August.

Pebble Creek – bridge, salmon habitat construction and slope stabilization to begin mid August.

Beneke – Large wood placement to beging August 6th – 25th.

Fishhawk Lake

Temperature monitors – volunteer study year 2

Preparing to do Turbidity study this winter – detect level of sediment loading and sources of.


A Christian group came in the week of July 15th and cleared around trees in the  Bear Creek/Riverview areas. Rob Wilson initiated this.


Summer maintenance – Joshua Buzzell is doing a fine job of clearing encroaching plants from the native plantings.

Nursery/Water – Kate Laird is helping to keep the plants watered at Trillium Forest Nursery.

Seed Collection – BLM is collecting native plant see now into the fall.

Fleming Pond – is under construction. Maggie will assist with wwetland mitigation.

Temperature monitors

Vernonia Schools have place 20 Temperature monitors in the Nehalem basin with the support of UNWC and DEQ.

Reports in progress

DEQ 021-11                 Final

DEQ 035-11                 Quarterly, Fiscal year end

DEQ SEP                      Final

Elk monitoring             Mckee             copies

Elk monitoring             S/V                   copies

East Humbug               copies              last year

Justice                         copies              last year

TEP                              annual             EPA

Jewel II                                    September

RBA II                          Final


Pebble Creek               Weyerhaeuser

Lousignout                  ODF

Golf Course                 LOC III


Beneke                        UNWC/Aquatic Contracting

Pebble Creek               UNWC/Quality Excavation

Louisignout                 ODF

OWEB Grants Next OWEB grant deadline is October 22nd.


Salmon Passage and Riparian Condition Assessment – focus on basins in the upper and lower Nehalem basin.

Pebble Creek II – passage, habitat and riparian restoration – road decommissioning.

East Fork – passage, habitat and riparian restoration – road decommissioning.

Applied: We are waiting to hear how the applications were ranked by OWEB Regional Review Team

Carmichael – Technical Assistance – plan/design – reconnect floodplain, enhance wetlands/riparian/edge habitat.

Limiting Factors Analysis – Technical Assistance – develop, design, plan, landowner outreach for habitat restoration projects

Oakranch Creek – Technical Assistance – implementation plan/final design, build partnerships, seek funding.




8:10 North Coast State Forest Coalition

  • Discussion Item: Endorsement Letter and support by UNWC

UNWC was asked to sign an endorsement letter by the North Coast State Forest Coalition

Resonding to Governor Kitzhaber’s call for visible and durable conservation areas on the State Forests.

After discussion it was moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Rachel Wilcoxen) to endorse the letter. Jason Busch or Cory Colburn to sign, and Maggie Peyton to be the contact.

8:30 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well!