Upper Nehalem Watershed Council

Steering Committee Minutes

February 23, 2012



Corey Colburn (Vice Chair)                Maggie Peyton (Executive Director)

Eric Larke (Secretary)             Marie Knight (Fiscal manager)

Lee Klinger (Treasurer)                       Jo Zettler (Volunteer)

Aaron Miller (SC member)

Vic Dykstra (SC member)

Gilbert McClain (SC member)




7:00     Meeting brought to order by Committee Secretary, yielded to Vice Chair upon arrival.


7:05     Announcements/Public Comments


No public comments.


7:10     Minutes from January 26th meeting approved with correction of date (2012, not 2011)

Moved to approve by Dykstra.  Seconded by Klinger.

Motion passed unanimously.

7:15     Presentation:


Jo Zettler presented current draft of 2012-2014 Strategic Plan.

Discussion of various sections.  Minor changes made.  Revised draft to be provided for                             March meeting.


8:20     Annual meeting:

Elements and time frame of the May 19th, 2012 annual meeting were discussed.


Steve Trask and Western Oregon University to provide presentations.


10:00-10:30                 Welcomes and Introductions (Jason Busch)

10:30-12:00                 Presentations

12:00-1:00                   Lunch

1:00-2:00                     Business Meeting and Elections

2:00                             Closing






8:40     Reports:


Treasurers Report (Klinger)  – UNWC continues to be in a sustainable financial position.


Directors Report (Peyton) –    Executive Director Peyton provided an update of current and                                                                      pending projects, website updating, payroll and tax processing,                                                                   contracting policy development, and contracts in                                                                                          progress/development.



8:55     Current expenditures reviewed.


Motion to approve and pay current expenditures by Larke.

Motion seconded by Miller.

Motion passed unanimously.


9:00     Meeting adjourned (Colburn)