6:35 Meeting came to order

Steering committee Present: Gil McLean, Cory Colburn, Jason Busch, Vic Dykstra, Rachel Wilcoxen, Aaron Miller, Lee Klingler

Others: Sarah Tanuvasa-NRCS, Wayne Hoffman, Maggie Peyton (Director), Steve Sorbets (Director’s Assistant, Jo Zettler, Try Laws-ODFW (Tillamook), Marie Knight (Bookkeeper), Tom Rupers

6:35 Allowed for Public Comments:


6:40 Presentation: Beaver at work in the watershed (Wayne Hoffman)

8:00 Council Support and Listening Sessions (Maggie Peyton w/ Wayne Hoffman) Power Point

Points (in no particular order):

  • Maggie discussed benefit of partnering with Tillamook Bay Estuary Project.
  • Result of new map and combining Upper/Lower Nehalem River Councils = ½ th funding
  • New map = 45 watershed councils/45 SWCD
  • Why?: fewer grants, legislative pressure
  • Magggie: before Dec. 17th: Draft letter as to why UNWC works. Emial out. Get as many council members to sign (vs. staff)
  • Suggestions:
    • Keep track of what’s going on
    • Make Voice heard
    • Attend listening sessions

8:50 Action Items:

Minutes: Consider and approve minutes from last meeting.

Cory Colburn Motion/Lee Klingler seconded. Passed unanimously

Tabled: Business: Executive Director – performance review – progress

8:15 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurer’s Report (Lee Klingler)
    • Aaron Miller motion to accept as read. Cory Colburn seconded. Passed unanimously

The following TABLED(?)Discussion Item: Director’s Report (Maggie Peyton)

1: Improve Water Quality and Aquatic Habitat

1.1/1.2: Protect, restore and reconnect the riparian/wetland/floodplain ecosystem

Riparian Restoration, Passage, Large Wood Placement, Road Realignment / Decommissioning:

1.3: Invasive Species:

Work with other agencies to assess the status of invasive species and identify priorities for action, recruit landowners and other volunteers to help.

1.4: Nehalem Conservation Action Plan

Coordinate and work with other team members.

2: Monitoring and Evaluation of Watershed Conditions

2.1: Monitor Stream Temperature loading

2.2: Monitor sediment loading

2.3/2.4: Track Aquatic Health and Monitor completed projects

3: Outreach

Vernonia Public Schools:

UNWC Website:




Volunteer projects:

Community Education:

Public Workshops and Presentations:

Host one project tour each summer:

4: Other Current Activities:

Reports in progress:





9:05  Meeting Adjourned: Fare Thee Well!