Upper Nehalem Watershed Council – Annual Meeting

When10am – Saturday – May 19th   Where:  Vernonia Grange Hall – 375 North St. – 


Steve Sorbets                    Sylvia Herod                       Isaeu Palmer                      Trent Bran                           Steven Gaspar

Brianen Wallace                Kimberly Moser                                Chris Fussell                       Andrew Baerthin             Elizabeth Beckett

Greg Helstrom                  Ken Buckingham              Jim Buxton                          Vic Dykstra                          Ben Fousek

Christine Cochrane          William Vreeland              Wade Bullier                      Steve Taylor                       Marie Williams

Aquilegia Leet                   Brandon Fries                    Laura Mastin                      Brandon Wojcia                                Asrei Dumblell

Michele Long                     Harry Hill                              Christina Francisco           Gil McClain                          Rachel Wilcoxen

Aaron Miller                       Jason Busch                        Cory Colburn                      Lee Klingler                         Jo Zettler

Eric Larke                             Maggie Peyton                 Marie Knight

10:00:  Welcome and Introductions (Jason Busch – Chairman)

10:15: Presentations

UNWC – Annual Progress Report

  • Organizational accomplishments and 2012 – 14 Strategic Plan (Jo Zettler – Volunteer)
  • Project Overview (Maggie Peyton – Executive Director)
  • Website (Ben Fousek – Webmaster and Steve Sorbets – Executive Assistant)

10:30 Introduction of Guest Presenters (Maggie Peyton)

  • Rapid Bio Assessment for 2009 through 2011:  Steve Trask of BioSurveys, LLC
  • Geographic Information Systems as a Tool for Watershed Analysis: Case Studies in the Upper Nehalem River Basin, Oregon: Western Oregon University – Department of Earth and Physical Sciences – Dr. Steve Taylors and students (Cristina Francisco, William Vreeland, Riccilee Keller and Brandon Snook)

11:55: Hand-out survey questionnaire: To be filled out and turned in by the end of Lunch

Didn’t happen

12:00: Lunch – Potluck

1:10: Business Meeting – Public Welcome

            Elections:  Steering Committee positions are held for 2 years

Moved (Eric Larke) and seconded (Cory Colburn) that all members of the Steering Committee whose terms are up (Aaron Miller, Rachel Wilcoxen, Lee Klingler and Eric Larke) be nominated for reelection. Eric Larke declined nomination. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved (Eric Larke) and seconded (Cory Colburn) that all those nominated be elected . Motion passed unanimously.

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to amend the Bylaws, Article V, second paragraph, last sentence, “Seats that are vacated premature to reaching full term shall be filled on an interim basis by appointment of the Steering Committee for the remainder of that term.” to “ Seats that are unfilled, or vacant prior to reaching full term may be filled on an interim basis by appointment of the Steering Committee for the remainder of that term.”. Motion passed unanimously.

Moved (Aaron Miller) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to appoint Cory Colburn as check signer to replace Eric Larke.

Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer presented the fiscal and the profit/loss reports and went over them.

Eric Larke questioned the mileage entry on the report and Lee explained that all mileage for the projects was reported in the individual project reports.


1:35: For the Good of the Order: No comments

1:39: Meeting Adjourned