Thursday September 22nd, 2011



Vic Dykstra (S.C. Member)                             Eric Larke (S.C. Secretary)

Aaron Miller (S.C. Member)                           Marie Knight (Staff: Book keeper)

Gil McClain (S.C. Member)                            Rachel Wilcoxen (S.C. Member)

Lee Klingler (S.C. Treasurer)                          Maggie Peyton (Staff: Executive Director)

Steve Sorbets (Staff: Executive Assistant)       Jo Zettler (Citizen at Large)

Cory Colburn (S.C. Vice Chairman)                Jason Busch (S.C. Chairman)

7:00 Meeting Convenes: Welcome and Introductions\

Marie Knight (new Staff Book Keeper) introduced.

7:05 Announcements:

Jason (SC Chairman) cannot make the Oct. 27th SC meeting.

There will be Nehalem CAP Town hall meetings next week.

Salmon Fest and Claudia on Sat. Oct. 1st.

7:10 Minutes:

Action Item: Consider and approve minutes from last meeting. (Busch)

Moved (Aaron Miller) and seconded (Eric Larke) to approve the minutes, as presented, of the September 1st meeting of the Steering Committee. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

Eric Larke concurred with the decision to combine the November and December meetings into one meeting on December 1st, 2011.

7:20 Organizational Development:

  • Discussion Item: (Jo Zettler)
    • Overview of a 6 month plan
      • Annual budget –develop/review/approve/enact
        • Maggie/Jo/Lee will work on next week and bring to the next meeting.
    • Policy/procedure – develop/review/approve/enact (personnel/contractor/all procedures)
      • Contracted Services Policy
    • Strategic plan – develop/review/approve/enact
  • Role of the Steering Committee
    • Job descriptions – develop/review/approve/enact
  • What do we need in order to carry out our collective and individual roles?
    • Understand the Finances
    • Understand the Projects
    • Know what the Mission is.
    • Support and provide leadership
    • Oversee and support the Executive Director
    • Help the Watershed stay healthy
    • Stewardship
    • Review:
      • Descriptions of the Steering Committee role in the Bylaws
        • A copy of section 5 of the Bylaws was given to each Steering Committee member
  • Self-Evaluation results from last year
    • Steering Committee members are filling out self evaluation worksheets to be turned in to Steve Sorbets prior to the next meeting.
    • Homework: Think about our future goals for community involvement.

7:30 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurers Report (Lee Klingler)

Treasurers Report

Overview: Good news-UNWC has reached a sustainable financial position.


Grant Activity: Good news. We received $48,977 in grant monies in September (this is in addition to the $100,000 of grant receipts received over the past two months). Final Report for 2009-11 Council Support grant has been completed. The Kenusky Final Report is being finalized. An Advancement on the new 2011-13 Council Support grant is in the bank.


Bank Balance: Good news- we have $46,342.69 in the bank (after current checks are approved and processed). Although much of these monies are designated to ongoing projects, this is a significant development that began a month ago.


Current Financial/record management practices: Good news- all May – September expenditures have been properly documented and filed. Profit and Loss statement handout shows details for September.


Staffing: Good news – Maggie is back on payroll and Marie Knight has been hired as our Bookkeeper.


One more time, Thank you Maggie, for your outstanding volunteer service over the last three and a half months!

  • Discussion Item: Directors Report (Maggie Peyton)

Directors Report

Projects in Play

Beneke – salmon habitat riparian

Logs staged for summer 2012 placement

400 tree protection structures to be built


DEQ 319 – riparian restoration

2011 closed Dec. 2011

2012 – Fall 2011 to Dec. 20

Riverview – riparian restoration

VREC to plant/remove invasive species 2011/12

Landowner Outreach

Jones Consulting – develop landowner cooperator agreements/planting plans (20 total)

Projects in Development

Oak Ranch/Apiary – salmon passage

Carmichael – wetland restoration

Grants in Development

                        Lousignont – salmon habitat/restoration

Rock Creek – salmon habitat/project development/Technical assistance

Monitoring Projects

                        Water quality

Turbidity – winter 2011/12

Project effectiveness

Jewell – riparian planting/LWD-Sept 2011


                        Supporting new bookkeeper

Review fiscal policy and draft procedures

Reviw profit and loss reports by month, by grant

Organizing and streamlining QuickBooks database and grant filing system

Working on Requests for reimbursements/advances

Set-up Mentoring opportunities

Budget (to be developed)


8:25     Action Item: Approve checks over $10,000

            Bio surveys:                 $31,527 (RBA’s)

Quality Excavations:   $33,350 (Pebble Creek) Grant sources OWEB and USFW

Weyerhaeuser:           $11,452.18 (Pebble Creek) Culverts and Rock          

            Moved (Eric Larke) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to approve the payment of the checks presented.             Motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

8:35 Public Comments:

            Time was made available for Public Comments.


8:40 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well.

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Gil McClain) to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.