Thursday September 1st , 2011




Vic Dykstra                  S.C.M./Fishhawk Lake             Aaron Miller   S.C.M./Vernonia Schools

Rachel Wilcoxen         S.C.M./Vernonia Schools        Jo Zettler                     Citizen at Large

Jason Busch                 SCM/Chairman                       Cory Colburn               SCM/ Vice Chairman

Steve Sorbets              UNWC Staff (Exec. Asst.)        Maggie Peyton            UNWC Staff (Exec.Director)

Ben Fousek                  Webmaster                             Lee Klingler                 SCM/Treasurer

Gil McClain                 SCM/Citizen at Large

7:00 Meeting Convenes: Welcome and Introductions

7:05 Minutes:

Action Item: Consider and approve minutes from last meeting. (Busch)

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to approve the August 4th minutes as presented.

The motion passed unanimously.


7:15 Organizational Development:

            Action Item: Jo Zettler

The Strategic Planning workshop is postponed until sometime this winter.


7:20 Presentation:

            Discussion Item: Presentation on LIDAR/GIS Ben Fousek

Ben explained how LIDAR and the GIS maps work and showed us around the Vernonia map he brought to the meeting.        

8:00 Reports:

Discussion Item: Treasurers Report (Klingler)

Lee presented a report.

Discussion Item: Directors Report (Peyton)

Maggie presented a copy of the final council support report

Discussion Item: Changing meeting times.

Discussion on keeping to the set meeting times so long as a quorum of Steering Committee members can be present. The November and December meetings have been consolidated and the meeting Date has been set to December 1st if Eric Larke also concurs.


8:20 Announcements:

            Council/District Conference Nov. 7-11 Sun River (Peyton)

8:25 Discussion Item (Busch) Meeting dates

It was suggested that Steering committee meeting dates not be changed so long as there will be a quorum. It was decided by the Steering Committee subject to approval by Eric Larke, that the November and December meetings be combined and happen on Dec. 1st.

8:50 Public Comments:

Time was made available for public comments. There were none.

8:55 – Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well. Next meeting will be on Thursday September 22nd.