Thursday October 27th , 2011



Gil McClain (SC member)                  Wendi Agalzoft (CSWCD)                  Sarah Tanuvasa (NRCS)

Rachel Wilcoxen (SC member)         Steve Sorbets (Staff-Ex. Asst.)          Lee Klingler (SC Treasurer)

Jo Zettler (Cit. at Large)                    Cory Colburn (SC Vice-Chair)                       Vic Dykstra (SC member)


7:00 Meeting Convenes: Welcome and Introductions

Wendi Agalzoft (CSWCD) and Sarah Tanuvasa (NRCS) visited and were introduced to everyone.

7:05 Announcements:

Gil McClain announce that he had helped secure some money for Bear Creek.

7:10 Minutes:

Action Item: Consider and approve minutes from last meeting. (Colburn)

Moved (Lee Klingler) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to approve the minutes as presented. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


7:20 Organizational Development:

  • Discussion Item: (Jo Zettler)
    • Analyze Council self-evaluation and set priorities for action.









  • membership represents diverse interests in the watershed
  • membership requirements are clearly defined and communicated
  • members understand their roles and responsibilities


  • new member orientation and materials—need an overview of projects, SC responsibilities, staffing





  • We actively involve key people in activities
  • members share a common vision and purpose


  • Members are not involved in projects/activities
    • go over map of our projects
    • SC tour of projects
    • highlight a project at each meeting : grant description, $ info, timelines; maybe have a SC member present the project


Accountability to and Involvement of the Community:



  • Projects are supported by local groups


  • Visibility
    • community doesn’t know how to find us , what our purpose is, or how well we’re doing
    • need a better internet presence, maybe a newsletter or quarterly reports
    • improve on reporting  our progress to stakeholders and county commissioners
    • as individuals, talk to people we interact with daily
    • beef  up the annual meeting





  • Members understand and use chosen method of decision-making
  • Decisions are made fairly.
  • Decisions are evaluated with regard to mission/vision.
  • Members know when a decision is made.





  • Meetings are productive and process is fair and open.
  • Members feel free to contribute and advocate for the vision.


Staff Management



  • Members understand the role of and their relationship to staff.
  • Staff performs delegated tasks and keeps members informed.


  • We do not have an objective method to evaluate staff performance—Personnel Committee will be working on this year.


Fiscal and Project Management



  • Members are not always aware of contractual commitments and don’t understand their responsibility.
  • We’re not always carrying out projects on schedule and within budget—we need a better understanding of projects, timelines, budgets, restrictions.
    • Highlight a project at each meeting (see ‘Participation” above).
    • We don’t get involved in developing funding for projects and operations.


Watershed Planning and Projects



  • UNWC identifies key issues and carries out projects and activities that move us toward desired outcomes.


  • Council doesn’t evaluate its priorities annually or plan outcomes for the next 3 to  5 years.
    • Could be addressed in strategic planning process.
    • get each SC member interested in a specific project, “know your area”
    • SC doesn’t monitor project effectiveness
      • Do an annual evaluation?
      • focus on outcomes of the project
      • reports to the SC?





8:00 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurers Report (Lee Klingler)

UNWC Treasurers Report

Overview: UNWC is in a sustainable financial position.

Grant Activity: Good news- received another $15,000 for final payment for the 20009-11 Council Support grant. The Kenusky and Rapid Bio-assessment 1 Final Reports have been submitted for approval.

Issues: Beneke and Landowner Outreach grants currently expire on October 31st.

Bank Balance: Good news-we have over $67,000 in the bank. Although much of these monies are designated to ongoing projects, this is a significant development that began two months ago.

Current financial/record management practices: All May through October expenditures have been properly documented. Bank accounts are being checked and reconciled monthly. Profit and Loss statement handout shows details for October.

Operating Budget: The Oct. 2011-Sept.2012 fiscal year Operating budget has been developed and is ready for Steering Committee approval.



  • Discussion Item: Directors Report (Maggie Peyton)
    • Project Status report.


  • Action Items:
    • Operating Budget approval

It was moved (Vic Dykstra) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to  approve the annual operating budget as presented. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


  • Hire of seasonal riparian workers. (2-3)

The SC wanted more information. It was left to Maggie’s decision whether to post the positions. Lee Klingler and Vic Dykstra will work on a “Contracted Services Policy”.



8:35 Public Comments:

            Time was made available for any Public Comments.

Sarah and Wendy talked a little about what they do.


8:45 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well.