Thursday June 2, 2011


This meeting was originally scheduled for Thursday May 26th but was postponed to avoid the holiday weekend.


Stevan Sorbets                                  Gil McClain                             Vic Dykstra

Aaron Miller                                       Rachel Wilcoxen                    Tyler Joki

Lee Klingler                                        Eric Larke                                Jason Busch

Jo Zettler                                            Cory Colburn                         Maggie Peyton         

7:00: Meeting Convenes: Meeting brought to order at 7:09


Maggie Peyton had an interview with the Vernonia Voice Thursday June 6, 2011 on the subject of the Annual Meeting.

Public Comments:

Jason Busch (Steering Committee Chairman)  asked for any public comments. There we none.

7:10: Minutes: read and approve

The March 3rd Meeting, March 24th Meeting            , April 28th Meeting and the May 21st Annual Meeting minutes were presented to the “newly elected Steering Committee for review. Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Eric Larke) to approve the minutes of the March 3rd meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Moved (Eric Larke) and seconded (Lee Klingler) to approve the minutes of the March 24th meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Moved (Aaron Miller) and seconded (Eric Larke) to approve the minutes of the April 28th meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Moved (Eric Larke) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

7:20: Old Business: as provided

No old business.

7:35: New Business:

  • Report by Tyler Joki of SWCD:

SWCD is putting in a heavy use livestock pad on Timber Rd. They are looking for anyone who needs help with stream or agricultural work along Rock Creek. They still have funds to work on knotweed.

  • Sign Steering Committee Agreement:

The Steering Committee Agreement was signed by all the members of the Steering Committee.

  • Elect Officers:

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Lee Klingler) to elect Jason Busch as Chairman. The motion passed unanimously Jason Busch abstaining. Moved (Jason Busch) and seconded (Lee Klingler) to elect Cory Colburn as Vice Chairman. The motion passed unanimously, Cory Colburn abstaining. Moves (Eric Larke) and seconded (Marci Denison) to elect Lee Klingler as Treasurer. The motion passed unanimously, Lee Klingler abstaining. Moved (Jason Busch) and seconded (Rachel Wilcoxen) to elect Eric Larke as Secretary. The motion passed unanimously, Eric Larke abstaining.

  • Choose  Steering Committee Positions:

Position 1:       Cory Colburn

Position 2:       Lee Klingler

Position 3:       Vic Dykstra

Position 4:       Aaron Miller

Position 5:       Gil McClain

Position 6:       Rachel Wilcoxen

Position 7:       Jason Busch

Position 8:       Eric Larke

  • Fiscal Policy:

Jo Zettler volunteered to help Maggie Peyton and Lee Klingler rewrite the current Grant Management and Fiscal Policy document. It was suggested that all major checks be presented and signed at the monthly Steering Committee meeting.

It was moved (Eric Larke) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to remove Cory Colburn as a Steering Committee check signer from the US Bank checking (1)and savings (1) accounts and to make Lee Klingler and Eric Larke the official check signers for the Steering Committee on the US Bank Checking abnd savings accounts. Maggie Peyton remains a check signer.


It was moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Eric Larke) to have Jo Zettler work with Maggie Peyton and the Treasurer to rewrite the Fiscal Policy prior to the June 23rd meeting of the Steering Committee.


8:15: Reports:

  • Maggie Peyton (Staff Executive Officer): Fiscal/Grant/Projects report

Pebble Creek and RBA grants are lined up and ready to go on OWEB’s end. The new biennial council support grant should start in July.  The landowner outreach has been postponed until fall. Now that the new Treasurer has been elected, staff from the TEP can mentor the UNWC Executive Director and Treasurer on fiscal and project policy and procedure. Maggie is meeting with Columbia SWCD staff next week to receive guidance on setting up the revised UNWC with setting up the new QuickBooks system. Columbia SWCD has recently revised their QuickBooks accounting system under consultation with ebs, the same QuickBooks Pro consultants that have helping UNWC since March. The majority of the pending bills are paid to date. The state and federal payroll and taxes are paid to date. Quarterly Tax reports have been filed on time. The UNWC needs to setup a budget and  complete and adopt the new fiscal procedures and policies,  Maggie Peyton needs a power of attorney from the Steering Committee authorizing her to obtain tax records from the Oregon Department of Revenue.

  • Eric Larke: Consensus priorities report

These are the results from the priorities survey handed out at the Annual Meeting. Eric suggested that we see if we could add some questions to the article in Vernonia Voice and put the questionnaire on the web site. Check with Ben Fousek on getting it on the web site.

Survey results from UNWC 2011 Annual Meeting.

  • 1.         Education
  • 2.         Assessment
  • 2.         Restoration
  • 3.         Basin
  • 3.         Monitoring
  • 4.         Ecosystem Workforce Development
  • 5.         Watershed Storage
  • 6.         Outreach
  • 7.         Organizational Development


8:45: Executive Session:

Short closed executive session. Minutes from this part of the meeting taken by Eric Larke and filed with these minutes at the UNWC office.


9:00 – Meeting Adjourned:   Fare Thee Well.