Thursday December 1st, 2011




Vic Dykstra (SC member)                  Eric Larke (SC secretary)                   Gil McClain (SC member)

Rachel Wilcoxen (SC member)         Steve Sorbets (Staff-Ex. Asst.)          Maggie Peyton (Staff-Ex. Dir.)

Cory Colburn (SC vice-chairman)

7:00 Meeting Convenes: welcome and introductions

7:05 Announcements: as provided

No announcements

7:10 Minutes:

  • Action Item: consider and approve minutes from last meeting

Moved and Seconded to approve the  minutes from the Oct. 27th Meeting as presented. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


7:20 Organizational Development:   Strategic planning sessions postponed until Jo’s return from Mexico.

Maggie explained the process being developed. A goal was set to have the Strategic Plan done in time for the Annual Meeting in May.

7:30 Reports:

  • Discussion Item: Treasurers Report

Maggie Presented the Treasurers report.

December 1st 2011 – Overview:  UNWC is in a sustainable financial position.

Grant Activity:  the Kenusky and Rapid Bio-assessment 1 Final Reports were approved by OWEB, final reimbursements made to UNWC as a result.

Beneke and Landowner Outreach grants have been extended until 12-31-12.

Marie and Maggie are working together on requests for advancements:

Beneke: submitted 11-30-11

Pebble: to be submitted by Friday

Council Support: to be submitted by Monday

RBA III: to be submitted by Monday

Then on to Tweedle, DEQ, Riverview, RBA II, LOC III and LFA.

Bank Balance: Good news – we have $58,371.66 in the bank.  Although much of these monies are designated to ongoing projects, this is a significant development that began three months ago.  After the current checks (including 11-25-11 payroll) clear the bank there will be a checking account balance of $11,820.00.  All the bills are paid (covered by grant advancements) except $8,025.00 a portion of the C&C logging invoice for Beneke log staging – to be paid in full ($12,981.61) once OWEB advancement arrives.  We have 3 invoices pending (LFA, RBA II, RBA III) from Bio-Surveys that will be paid in January after we make and receive OWEB requests for advancements.

Current financial/record management practices:  all May through October expenditures have been properly documented.  Bank accounts are being checked and reconciled monthly.  Profit and Loss statement handout shows details for November.  Fiscal procedures are being updated to reflect new payroll submission procedure.  The current bills have been processed and checks prepared that need to be signed.  ED signed in the place of the Treasurer this time because he is away.  Need Eric’s signature on all tonight.  See checks with proper documentation attached. There are three opportunities in the month to have checks signed which include 10th and 25th payroll review and board meeting.

Operating Budget: the Oct. 2011-Sept. 2012 fiscal year UNWC Operating budget was approved by Steering Committee at Oct 27th meeting.  Hand-out shows the final version of the approved budget.

Payroll: we are now using Intuit payroll service with direct deposit for all employees. A new procedure has been created that requires one of the board check signers to review/approve the payroll report before it is submitted to Intuit and then review/approve the completed payroll transaction report.  The bank statement also shows the payroll transactions and is reviewed monthly during reconciliation process conducted by Treasurer.

OWEB:  relations with OWEB are improving as our organization and grant management practices improve. They are aware that organizational improvements are being made and realize that we have overcome a lot.  If we can maintain our current position and continue to improve we stand a good chance of having current restrictions lifted in the foreseeable future. They approved our revised hourly employer rate per job type as of July 1st.  See hand-out for details.  ED will be sending Tom Shafer and Randy Emch copies of the UNWC operating budget, revised fiscal policy and procedures, ED contract, job descriptions (staff/board) and work plan for reference to progress being made and for review and comment.

DEQ: 319 non-point source reduction program 2012 riparian restoration contract is in DEQ review.  Expect to have a signed copy with-in the month.

DEQ Supplemental Environmental Program: in the process of securing $6,260.00 for riparian restoration of Bear, Rock and Nehalem along linear park trail from Anderson Park down around the Lake through the SEP process.

USFWS: all $21,000+ cost share funds granted for Pebble Creek have been expended.

$8,025.00 of the $16,050.00 granted for Beneke project has been advanced to cover the large wood staging by C&C Logging.  The remaining $8,025.00 will be advanced in the summer to cover large wood placement.

Copies of the “Profit & Loss Detail and the Payroll are attached.



  • Discussion Item: Annual Operating Budget.

Maggie presented the Annual Operating Budget. A copy is attached.

  • Discussion Item: Directors Report (Maggie Peyton)
    • Project Status report

Maggie presented the Project Status Report. A copy is  attached.

  • Action Item:  establish policy for Email approval by the Steering Committee of checks that cannot wait for the next scheduled meeting.

It was decided that an email poll approving checks that cannot wait for the next scheduled meeting was appropriate.

8:50 Public Comments: as provided 

Time was made for any public comments. There were no public comments.

9:00 Meeting Adjourned:  Fare Thee Well!