Thursday June 30, 2011



Gilbert McClain                      Vic Dykstra                             Tom O’Brien

Jason Busch                            Cory Colburn                         Lee Klingler

Jo Zettler                                Eric Larke                                Steve Sorbets

Maggie Peyton

7:04: Meeting Convenes: Welcome and Introductions

Announcements: Council has advertise for a book keeper in the Independent and the Vernonia Voice

Public Comments:

Time was allowed for Public Comments. There were none.

7:10: Minutes: read and approve

Moved (Vic Dykstra) and seconded (Eric Larke to approve the 6-2-2011 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes as presented. Passed unanimously. No abstentions.

7:15 Treasurers Report and Bill Paying:

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to pay all the bills presented. Motion passed unanimously. No abstentions.

Tom O’Brien of NOWC can send questions about human resource regulations and responsibilities for free, and has made that service available to the UNWC.

Lee Klingler presented the attached Treasurers report. The consensus from the Steering Committee was that this was an extremely well done report and set a new standard.

Jason Busch commented that he would like to see the council not use funds from one grant to cover expenses on another grant.

It was suggested by Tom O’Brien that the Steering Committee officially designate the job of Executive Director to be salaried as of July 1, 2011 with salary to be negotiated at a later date.

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to make the position of Executive Director salaried as of July 1, 2011. Motion passed unanimously. No abstentions.

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Eric Larke) that the Executive Director is laid off until sufficient funds become available to pay her again as determined by a decision of the Steering Committee or in the interim, by the Treasurer and the Chair. Motion passed unanimously. No abstentions.

Moved (Cory Colburn) and seconded (Vic Dykstra) to form a Human Resources subcommittee to consist of 2 Steering Committee members and 1 other Council member. Motion passed unanimously. No abstentions. Eric Larke, Gil McClain and Jo Zettler volunteered for the subcommittee and were accepted by the Steering Committee. The immediate order of business for the subcommittee is to establish their purpose, order and authority; and to diligently work on a letter of hire for the job of Executive Director.

7:25: Old Business: as provided

  • Fiscal Policy

Draft version of the Fiscal Policy attached.

Tom O’Brien suggested that:

Policy should be an overarching Hierarchy. Procedures should be a separate document.

Put Staff rather than specific staff positions in the policy.

Establish Clear documentation of who has signatory authority.

Changes to procedures would be approved by the Finance subcommittee or the Treasurer/Executive Director.

Jo Zettler will bring a revised version of the Fiscal Policy to the next Steering Committee meeting.

8:25: New Business:

The Steering Committee requested that Tom O’Brien ask his (Human Resource/Personnel) resource about continuing health insurance when an employee is laid off.

8:15: Reports:

  • Maggie Peyton (Staff Executive Director): Fiscal/Grant/Projects report

Due to insufficient time no reports were given by the Executive Director.


9:40 – Meeting Adjourned:   Fare Thee Well.