Thursday April 28th, 2011



Jason Busch                Chair/SWCD                           Stevan Sorbets                      Staff Executive Asst.

Ben Fousek                 Web Master/KLS                   Rachel Wilcoxen                    Vernonia Schools

Vic Dykstra                 Fishhawk Lake                        Eric Larke                                Secretary

Gil McClain                 Citizen at Large                      Cory Colburn                         Vice Chair/Landowner

Jason McCoy              ODF                                         Aaron Miller                           Vernonia Schools

Maggie Peyton          Executive Director/Project Manager


7:00 Meeting brought to order.



No announcements

Public Comments:

            No public comments

7:10: Minutes:  Minutes were not approved, a quorum not being present.

March 3rd Meeting

March 24th Meeting


7:20: Old Business:

  • WBCA Endorsement:

Tabled a Quorum not being present

  • Eric Larke will send out notes on the Steering Committee agreement for review before the next meeting with the intention of all Steering Committee members signing the agreement at that meeting.

Changed the wording of the Steering Committee agreement. Steering Committee will sign at the first meeting after the elections at the annual meeting. Steve to make changes and print up enough copies.


  • Resolution: employee salary/vacation/insurance

Not addressed a quorum not being present


  • It was asked whether the UNWC Fiscal Policy needed to be approved by the Council or if the Steering Committee could approve it.

The Steering Committee will develop the Fiscal Policy after the elections at the annual meeting.

  • Tentative Steering Committee Slate:

Aaron Miller               Eric Larke                    Jason Busch                 Lee Klingler

Cory Colburn               Rachel Wilcoxen         Vic Dykstra                  Gil McClain

The above Ladies and Gentlemen stated that they would be willing to serve if elected.


7:35: New Business:

Steering Committee Agreement:

Changed the wording of the Steering Committee agreement. Steering Committee will sign at the first meeting after the elections at the annual meeting. Steve to make changes and print up enough copies.


 Finalize agenda for Annual Meeting:


May 21, 2011 Annual Meeting Plan and Responsibilities V.1

  1. 10:00   Introductions – Meeting Purposes – Jason
  2. 10:15   Watershed Councils in Oregon
    1. Statewide perspective – Tom
    2. Local perspective – Cory
    3. 10:30   Presentations
      1. recognition of stakeholders – Staff
      2. accomplishments – Staff
      3. 11:45   UNWC Goals – describe input process – Eric
      4. 12:00-12:45     Lunch (conversation and priorities) – Potluck: Organized by Jo
      5. 12:45   Business meeting
        1. Intro – Jason
        2. Resolutions – Jason

i.            By-laws (compliance)

ii.            Conflict of Interest Policy

iii.            Board Member Agreement

iv.            Election of Steering Committee and Officers (?)

  1. 1:45     Reporting consensus priorities (compiled by staff) – Staff
  2. 2:00     Thank you and Closing – Chair

Steve to develop and print Ballots with position #s up to 11

Fiscal policy:

Jason would like everyone to consider financial ideas for consideration at the next meeting. Such as checks and balances, grants and funding, ways to keep the board better informed. Marci is reviewing the balance sheets. Tom O’Brien will be helping Maggie establish what our assets are.

8:15: Reports:

  • Ben Fousek (Web Master)
    • Web site GIS Map being built. This will be an interactive mapping system that can show project sites (past, present and future) and associate them with other info on the web site (for example, show all the culverts). GPS and Lidar data will be available in the future. May move domain from aplus to another provider when
    • Executive Director:
      • Fiscal report:

With help from EBS, Cathy Larson and Tom O’Brien the fiscal situation is progressing. First quarter Federal, State and SAIF payments are up to date. Lori (ebs) has reconciled this fiscal year through February and is working on March.

  • Current information:

April from the job placement training people did some work for us helping with organizing files in the office.

The crew has been laid off.

The RBA and the Pebble Creek project will be starting soon.

The school tree planting project went wonderfully despite the weather. Michelle Long and Chip Buble did presentations and approximately 250 school kids of all ages participated

  • Project Reports:

Tweedle final report is done

Justice final report is done

Annual Meeting Saturday May 21st 10am at the Vernonia Grange Hall.

Next Steering Committee Meeting: Thursday May 26th 7pm at the Vernonia Grange Hall

8:30 – Meeting Adjourned