Thursday March 24th, 2011



Maggie Peyton          Staff-Executive Director/Project Manager

Cory Colburn             Council-Vice Chairman         Steve Sorbets             Staff-Executive Assistant

Jason Busch                Council-Chairman                  Marcia Denison          Council-Treasurer

Rachel Wilcoxen        Vernonia Schools                  Eric Larke                    Council-Secretary

Jo Zettler                    Citizen at Large                      Lee Klingler                Citizen at Large


7:00: Meeting Convenes: Welcome and Introductions  Meeting convened at 7:14 pm.

Announcements: as provided

MTC (Management Training Consortium) called to see if UNWC has room for a placement.

The position of Fiscal Manager has been eliminated and Linda Naeve has been let go. The council will be using a professional accounting firm.

The website is about to go live. Steve Sorbets is meeting with Ben Fousek to learn how to manage it.

WBCN sent a letter asking UNWC to endorse Oregon Senate Bill 32?  Moved (Cory Colburn) and Seconded (Eric Larke) that the matter be tabled until the next meeting to allow time for the steering committee members to review the matter. Motion passed unanimously.

UNWC got great coverage in the Vernonia Voice


Public Comments: as provided

Jason Busch asked if there were any public comments. No one had any to make.

7:10: Minutes: read and approve

The reading and approval of the minutes was postponed until the next meeting.

7:20: Old Business: as provided

The steering committee completed the proposed revision of the Bylaws and created a proposed Conflict of Interest Policy. These will be voted on by the Council at the annual meeting on May 21st 2011.

Eric Larke will send out notes on the Steering Committee agreement for review before the next meeting with the intention of all Steering Committee members signing the agreement at that meeting.


7:35: New Business: as provided

            Resolution: employee salary/vacation/insurance

This issue will be worked on by the Steering committee.

It was moved (Marcia Denison) and seconded (Cory Colburn) that 3 bills be paid. Motion passed unanimously.

The position of Fiscal manager has been eliminated and Linda Naeve has been let go. Payroll and the UNWC accounts will done by a Professional accounting firm. Essential Business Services may replace the Fiscal Manager.

It was asked whether the UNWC Fiscal Policy needed to be approved by the Council or if the Steering Committee could approve it.

Tentative Steering Committee Slate:

Aaron Miller               Eric Larke                    Jason Busch                 Lee Klingler

Cory Colburn               Rachel Wilcoxen         Vic Dykstra

The above Ladies and Gentlemen stated that they would be willing to serve if elected.


8:15: Reports:

  • Fiscal Manager
    • Monthly Expense Report
    • Profit and Loss Report
    • Grant Overview Report

No reports from the Fiscal Manager.



  • Executive Director
    • Project Reports
      • Basin- Nehalem Conservation Action Plan:  In progress
      • Riparian: In progress
        • Native plant nursery: being developed on new school grounds with integrated curriculum and teacher/student participation.
        • Beneke: met on site with Weyerhaeuser and ODFW to plan for LWD placement this summer.
        • Vernonia Rural Education Corps: still alive and well and doing a great job.  Michael (VREC graduate) led the fourth grade class in a tree plant at Justice project for his senior project.


  • DEQ 2011: riparian plantings and project maintenance in progress. Winter turbidity monitoring done.
  • DEQ 2010: final report to be turned in the last week of March.
  • Justice: a monitoring report is due in March.
  • Salmon Passage Update
    • Oak Ranch: 2 design/estimates done. Planning for the future with Columbia County Road Department – tech support app in October 2011 for project planning support. A proposal for this project may be written in April or in the fall of 2011.
    • Elk Creek/s (McKee, S/V Hwy): final reports done and submitted to OWEB.
    • Bear Creek: Final report (incomplete) almost done – working with City to complete.
    • Salmon Habitat Update
      • Pebble Creek: OWEB meeting 3-16th– 17th to approve grant apps.  Grant agreement development should occur after that. Weyerhaeuser will do the road work for this project and ODFW will to the LWD.
      • Tweedle: final report almost done – will be submitted week of 3-21.
      • Kenusky: final stages of planting in progress. Final report due in April.
      • Wetland Restoration
        • Carmichael: in the planning stages.  Met on site with landowner, ODFW and consultant recently for a walk-over.  This is a potential project encompassing 100+ acres.
      • Mitigation
        • ODOT: spoke with biologist regarding location of a potential mitigation site.
      • Assessment
        • Rapid Bio Assessment: summer 2010 data entry and mapping in progress.
        • WOU (Western Oregon University):  working on mapping juvenile presence per sub-basin. They will report findings to UNWC during the summer of 2011.
        • RBA – summer 2011:  OWEB meeting 3-16th– 17th to approve grant apps.  Grant agreement development should occur after that.
        • Limiting Factors Analysis:  draft findings/action report in-progress to be released for review late spring 2011.  Site data being transferred to WOU, WOU working on mapping = will report findings to UNWC summer/fall 2011.  Technical assistance grant app being developed for planning, project development and outreach. Steve Trask is writing a proposal for a grant on outreach about limiting factors.




  • Monitoring
    • Fishhawk Lake: met with DEQ and Fishhawk volunteers to assist in developing temp monitoring plan. Fishhawk Ecological Foundation is considering buying the data loggers needed to do the study and volunteers will assist with placement at strategic locations.
    • Outreach
      • Landowner cooperation update: Jesse Jones working on developing new landowner MOU’s along high priority reaches of Rock, East Fork, Bear and mainstream Nehalem.
      • Vernonia Voice: follow up article on completed East Fork restoration projects will appear in next issue.
      • Web site: www.nehalem.org still under construction… Web Master – Ben Fousek going to train Steve to be Co-Web Master.


9:00 – Meeting Adjourned:   Fare Thee Well. Moved (Marcia Denison) and seconded (Cory Colburn) to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 pm.