Thursday September 23rd 2010



Jason Busch                            Dan Titus                                Rachel Wilcoxen

Stevan Sorbets                      Linda Naeve                           Fred Oviatt

Maggie Peyton                      Eric Larke                                Marci Denison

Cory Colburn


Steering Committee Meeting with Tom O’Brien from 5:45 to 6:45 pm

Meeting brought to order at: 7:11 pm

Welcome and Introductions:



Council tour of some of the current UNWC projects on Saturday October 16th. Meet at the Vernonia Grange Hall (375 North Ave) at 10am.

A tour with Tualatin River Watershed Council will occur on October 9th , starting at Stubs Stewart State Park at 10am.


Minutes: Minutes were reviewed. Jason Busch asked for comment if any. No comments. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes. The motion carried unanimously.




  • Linda Naeve
    • Monthly Expense Report
    • Profit and Loss Report
    • Grant Overview Report

The reports were presented and approved by the Board.


  • Maggie Peyton
    • Project update

Maggie went over current projects with the council.


Old Business:

  • Human Relations Subcommittee.

The committee is working on Job Descriptions. They expect to have something to present at the October Council Meeting.


  • Progress towards audit for OWEB

There will be a fiscal meeting on September 24th.


  • Moving forward with Tom O’Brien

The next step is council and staff self evaluation worksheets. Please complete the handouts and get them to Alethia by October 16th 2010. She will compile the results and work out an agenda for the October council meeting. She will require 2.5 hours at the council meeting. The October council meeting will start at 6pm to provide time for regular business before Alethia’s portion of the meeting.



New Business:

No new business


For the good of the order:

Gave thanks for the formation of the Vernonia Rural Education Corp.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:53pm.