Thursday November 18th  2010


Jason Busch                            Cory Colburn                         Marci Denison

Eric Larke                                Steve McNulty                       Steve Sorbets

Linda Naeve                           Maggie Peyton



Meeting brought to order at: 7:01

Welcome and Introductions:



No Announcements


Review Minutes: For September and October meetings.

Minutes for the September and October council meetings were reviewed and unanimously approved.



  • Linda Naeve
    • Monthly Expense Report
    • Profit and Loss Report
    • Grant Overview Report

Board to draft/organize Fiscal Policy. Send copies of established fiscal policy to Board Members.




  • Maggie Peyton
    • Updated Project report

Updated project report presented orally by Maggie Peyton.

                        The Native Plant Cooperative received a national award.

                        UNWC received a semi-load of plants for habitat restoration.

The BLM is providing some live Noble Fir for Christmas tree sale to raise funds.

The profits from the sale are to go to some kind of restoration work. It was moved and seconded and passed unanimously that funds raised from this sale go to the satellite nursery.

A DEQ grant application for more Native plant stock is being written now for Beneke. This will be a 2 year project starting in 2011.


Old Business:

  • Human Relations Subcommittee.
    • Job Descriptions

Current draft copies of all 3 staff job descriptions are to be distributed for all board members to review before the December council meeting. Job descriptions are to be finalized at the annual meeting in January. If any board member wants to suggest changes they should contact the committee at least 1 week prior to the December meeting.


  • Moving forward with ONWC
    • Working with Alethea


Alethea suggested that the council do a short evaluation (5 or 10 Min) every meeting.


Membership, Participation and accountability

            6 months for a new Website. Maggie to oversee Steve in managing it.

            Steve is to forward employee policy to Steve McNulty and Eric Larke

            Steve is to email copies of the UNWC Bylaws to board members

Council to review Bylaws at December Meeting.

            Steve to send copy of this years council meeting minutes to board members.




New Business:

            Maggie and Eric Larke are  to talk about some Noble Fir that may be available.

Staff will meet with Tillamook Estuary Partners in early December to examine their Fiscal procedures and processes.

In regards to the Council Support Grant, Staff would appreciate the formation of a Board Support Subcommittee. Maggie will email Jason Busch a copy of the council support grant application.

Jamie Puera has volunteered to help with our fiscal organization.

Linda Naeve said that she has almost completed the annual budget for review.



Meeting Adjourned:  8:30