UNWC Board MeetingMay 27, 2010


Jason Busch               ColumbiaSWCD

Dan Titus                    Landowner

Eric Larke                   Landowner

Gil McClain                Citizen at Large

Vic Dykstra                FishhawkLakeEcological Foundation

Cory Colburn              SmallWoodlandOwner

Robert Wagner            Timber Community

Steve McNulty            Weyerhauser

Marcie Dennison         Pacific Rainforest Wildlife Guardians

Tom O’Brien               Network ofOregonWatershed Councils-Executive Director

Trevor Demeir             Citizen at Large

Maggie Peyton            Staff-Executive Director/Coordinator/Project Manager

Linda Naeve               Staff-Fiscal Manager

Stevan Sorbets                        Staff-Secretary


Meeting brought to order at7pm.Jason Busch acting as temporay UNWC chair.


Cory Colburn will bring the written resignation of the previous  chair to theJune 24, 2010meeting.


Maggie Peyton will present a written coordinators report at the June 24th UNWC public meeting.

Jessie Jones-Outreach Consultant sent a written report (copies provided) that Maggie summarized for the meeting attendants.


The minutes of the last meeting were read and tabled till the June 24th UNWC public meeting.


Dennis Nelson-UNWC chair and Cindy Ball-UNWC Secretary resigned from the board at the April 2010 meeting of the UNWC board.


Stevan Sorbets read portions of the UNWC bylaws concerning membership.


Tom O’Brien from the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils presented a talk about what his organization could do for the UNWC and provided pertinent insights concerning UNWC policy and procedure.

The next UNWC interim board meeting was set for June 24th, 2010 at6 PM, Vernonia Grange. Interim board meeting will occur just prior to the public meeting. Bio-Surveys Steve Trask will present finding from the upper Nehalem Rapid Bio-Assessment at the public meeting.


It was moved and seconded to declare an emergency in order to deal with the problem of insufficient board members. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


Moved and seconded to open nominations for board officer positions. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.


Nominations for interim board positions:

Chairman         Jason Busch

Vice Chair       Cory Colburn

Secretary         Eric Larke

Treasurer         Dan Titus and Marcie Dennison


Moved and seconded to accept Jason Busch as Interim Chairman. Motion passed unanimously, Jason Busch abstaining.

Moved ans seconded to accept Cory Colburn as Interim Vice Chairman. Motion passed unanimously, Cory Colburn abstaining.

Moves and seconded to accept Eric Larke as Interim Secretary. Motion passed unanimously, Eric Larke abstaining.

Moved and seconded to have a secret ballot for the position of Interim Treasurer. Motion passed unanimously.


Dan Titus                    3

Marcie Dennison         4

Marcie Dennison elected Interim Treasurer.

Steering Committee formed with the following interim board members and volunteers.

Dan Titus

Marcie Dennison

Eric Larke

Steve McNulty

Jason Busch

Robert Wagner

Cory Colburn