UNWC Board Meeting June 24, 2010


Stevan Sorbets                                 Staff-Secretary

Fred Ovlatt                         Weyerhauser

Maggie Peyton                 Staff-Executive Director/Coordinator/Project Manager

Vic Dykstra                          Fishhawk Lake Ecological Foundation

Jason Busch                        Chairman/Columbia SWCD

Linda Naeve                       Staff-Fiscal Manager

Eric Larke                             Secretary/Landowner

Cory Colburn                      Vice Chair/Small Woodland Landowner


Meeting brought to order at 7:08 PM Jason Bosch Chair


Maggie Peyton: UNWC is getting 6 Youth Corp personnel for the summer.


May 27, 2010 council meeting minutes:

Action: Read

Moved and seconded  that minutes be approved. Motion passed unanimously.


A written Coordinators report from Maggie Peyton (Staff –Executive Director/Coordinator/Project manager) was read and she answered questions.

Financial report from Linda Naeve (Staff Fiscal Manager)

Monthly Expense report (handout)

Profit and Loss report (handout)

Moves and seconded to approve the reports. Motion passed unanimously.

Checks for Bills and Payroll were signed.

It was suggested that before and after pictures of work done might be brought to the board meetings.

Old Business:

The contract with Network of Oregon Watershed Councils was reviewed. It was suggested that staff council members keep track of time spent on NOWC business. Maggie Peyton is to be the primary point of contact with NOWC. She will cc Board members copies of all NOWC communications.

Cory Colburn brought a written copy of Dennis Nelson’s resignation.

New Business:

The first drafts of Interim Staff Procedures were given to the board for review until the next meeting.

Copies of the “Fiscal Policy Documents were handed out to the board for review.


Set next Meeting:

The next board meeting will be on Thursday, July 22nd 2010 at 6pm. Doors opening at 7pm for a public presentation by Bio-Surveys Steve Trask  who will present the findings from the upper Nehalem Rapid Bio-Assessment.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:56 pm

Stevan Sorbets Staff-Secretary