Minutes of the August 26th 2010 UNWC Board Meeting



Steve McNulty                       Board Member-Weyerhaeuser

Cory Colburn                         Board-Vice Chair- Landowner

Linda Naeve                           Staff-Fiscal Manager

Dan Titus                                Board member-Landowner

Aaron Miller                           Schools

Vic Dykstra                             Council Member-Fishhawk Lake Ecological Foundation

Steve Sorbets                         Staff-Executive Assistant

Maggie Peyton                      Staff-Executive Director/Coordinator/Project Manager

Tom O’Brien                           Network of Oregon Watershed Councils

Eric Larke                                Board Secretary- Landowner

Marci  Denison                      Board Treasurer-Pacific Rainforest Wildlife Guardians


Meeting brought to order at 7:00 pm August 26th 2010



“Hear Ye Hear Ye” Public Hearing before the Board of commissioners September 1st 10am – courthouse – St. Helens regarding proposed changes to Columbia County Zoning Ordinance in response to new Flood Insurance Rate  Maps from FEMA (flood hazard overlay). 



Minutes: Reviewed. Moved and seconded to accept minutes. Motion passed unanimously.



  • Linda Naeve
    • Monthly Expense Report handed out. Reviewed.  A suggestion was made that in the future “project name and budget line” be added to the report.
    • Profit and Loss report handed out. Reviewed. A suggestion was made to add “year to date” to report.
    • Bills paid report handed out and reviewed.
    • Payroll checks signed
    • Grant Over View report handed out and reviewed. Tom O’Brien will make some suggestions to Linda on this report.
    • Maggie Peyton
      • Project update report handed out and reviewed. It was suggested that the report include grant #s on projects and that Maggie Highlight or use a different color ink on new additions to the ongoing report.
      • Mention of the Vernonia Rural sustainability center being built at the new school property in Vernonia.


Old Business:

  • Saturday October 16th has been chosen as the day for the council tour of some of the current projects. It will start at 10am outside the Grange Hall. Steve McNulty will try to bring a 15 person van for the tour. The tour will last for approximately 4 hours.
  • Moved and Seconded to form a 3 man Human Relations Committee to resolve job descriptions, responsibilities, areas of authority, pay structures of Staff. Motion passed unanimously. Steve McNulty and Eric Larke volunteered to serve on the committee. One more to be chosen by Jason Busch. It was noted that according to Oregon law overtime must be paid, until a position is determined to be exempt or salaried.
  • Tom O’Brien will be back in September from 5:45pm to 6:45pm prior to the regular council meeting on September 24th. He will provide both Board and Staff with homework on self assessment. We will need to block in 2 ½ hours in October to examine the results. He suggested we start the board meeting in October at 6pm to get the board business out of the way prior to that block of time.



New Business:

  • OWEB wants UNWC to have a fiscal process audit. Maggie knows a bookkeeper willing to volunteer to look at the books and our processes prior to the audit. It was suggested that we include her in the staff meetings with Tom O’Brien.



Next Meeting:

  • The next meeting of the board will be on Thursday September 23rd. 2010.

The board will meet from 5:45 to 6:45pm with Tom O’Brien. Board meeting will start at 7:00pm.

  • Board meetings in November and December will be on 3rd Thursday of the month. November 18th and December 16th  because of the holidays.


For the good of the order:


Adjourned: 9:00pm