Thursday October 28th 2010



Rachel Wilcoxen                                                        Vernonia Schools

Aaron Miller                                                               Vernonia Schools

Eric Larke                    Board Secretary                     Pihl

Linda Naeve               Staff Fiscal Manager

Vic Dykstra                                                                 Fishhawk Lake

Alethea Gallman                                                        Network of Oregon Watershed Councils

Marcia Denison          Board Treasurer

Maggie Peyton          Staff Executive Director/Project Manager

Stevan Sorbets          Staff Executive Assistant

Cory Colburn             Board Vice Chairman

Fred Oviatt                                                                 Weyerhaueser



Meeting brought to order at: 6:05 pm

Welcome and Introductions:




Review Minutes: Not enough board members for a quorum.



  • Linda Naeve
    • Monthly Expense Report
    • Profit and Loss Report
    • Grant Overview Report


  • Maggie Peyton
    • Updated Project report

                         Will present at next meeting.


Old Business:

  • Human Relations Subcommittee.
    • Job Descriptions

Not ready yet



  • Moving forward with ONWC
    • Working with Alethea  starting about 6:30


Council voted on priorities for this meetings discussion.

1:         Planning and Projects

2:         Participation

3:         Accountability

4:         Fiscal and Project Management

5:         Citizen Involvement

Planning and Projects

  • The Executive Director has prioritized projects.
  • Our main types of projects are Riparian Restoration, Salmon Passage, Salmon Habitat,

            Data gathering, Data Synthesis and  Watershed Assessment.

  • Tech Team
  • Put policies into place for communications between Staff and Board.
  • What information to present to the board
    • Cost
    • Results/Outcome
    • Timeframe
    • Partners involved
    • How project connects with other projects
    • Potential for Funding
    • Board involvement in Projects
      • Establish as categories in excel or word
      • Tech Team
        • Mostly engaged in RBA’s
        • How do we keep them engaged.
        • No formal meeting structure.
        • It was recommended that the Tech Team be formalized in the Bylaws. What their scope is Etc.
        • What does Council need from the Tech Team.
        • Need Minutes or Overview of Tech Team Topics and Recommendations.
        • Who is the Tech Team?
        • Include Tech Team Recommendations as part of Council meeting agendas
        • What kind of planning does the Council want in place over the next 3 to 5 years



  • We send out emails and put notices in the paper about upcoming events.
  • What does the Council want to see done?
  • Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • What sorts of activities do we want to go on the Calendar
    • Tours
    • Salmon Fest
    • Meetings
    • Volunteer Events
      • What ages/kind of supervision wanted.
  • Website and Website Calendar
  • Mission of Organization
  • Put Mission statement on wall


  • Reporting progress and results to county government.
  • Annual Summary of Accomplishments
    • Alethea will provide a sample at next meeting.
    • What we want to track should be on our staff agenda
    • What methods do we have of communicating projects and accomplishments to our Partners and Stakeholders
    • Some kind of Excel Chart to all Stakeholders would be good.
    • Do community members know how to contact our Council?
      • Newspaper
      • Website
      • More accessible office
      • Notices on Bulletin Boards around Town.
      • Listing in City Government, Chamber of Commerce and County Government Websites.

Fiscal and Project Management:

  • Board responsible.
  • Contractual Commitments.
  • Where is the money coming from?
  • Where is the money going?
  • The Board needs to know this.


Citizen Involvement and Support:

  • Through local papers
  • Through schools
  • Through other youth organizations (Scouts, etc.)
  • Community through emails
  • Do a quarterly newsletter or article in the paper.
  • More fairs, festivals, etc.
  • Ask for volunteers 2 or more months ahead of time.


Alethea will be at next meeting for an hour or more to talk about board recruitment and other topics.    


New Business:


For the good of the order:


Meeting Adjourned:  9:05 pm