Upper Nehalem Watershed Council

Executive Board Meeting

September 24, 2009





Dennis Nelson,  present briefly to sign checks,  left early ill

Cory Colburn

Cindy Ball

Maggie Peyton

Jason Busch

Linda Naeve


Meeting convened at 7.00pm





Discussion Accounts Receivable/Payables Reports

Submitted by Linda Naeve



Tweedle Bridges went in 1st//2nd week September.

Project proceeded without problems.


Maggie was present each day.

The project was a poster child for the way a project SHOULD proceed.


Next portion of project is to work with local landowners to restore habitat.

Working with 1 at present, will bring out watershed techs & NRCS reps to do a walk around the property.


Rapid Bio Assessment

Survey is complete; 274 river miles covered.

Looking for juveniles, checking habitat, where the juveniles are moving to find cooler water.


Summer heat wave coinciding with the low flows and peak summer sun raised the temp of theNehalemRiverto 84 degrees.   Lethal temp for juv. coho.

Must work on quantification of fish survival.

Long term project:  restoration of riparian habitat.  Need more than 1 row of trees along the river.


Several gravel bars in the Nehalem are beginning to grow alders, canary grass and other things that stabilize the gravel bars.  The gravel needs to be released into the river to create gravel beds for spawning sites.


Looking at Rock Creek for a “natural valley storage” site.  Lidar has been done on the area.  Area to be hydro modeling to be done, to study water flow, topography etc.



OWEB Council Support Grant docs submitted by Maggie

Shows status of ALL grants.


Situation at the office is working well.   Maggie works in the office M – Th, Linda works Friday and Shawna uses the office on Saturdays.


Salmon Fest is Oct 3rdNeed a driver to bring Claudia to the Salmon Fest. 

Starts at 10am  to


160 volunteers came out last week to do reparian repair on the Justice Project.  PCC project,  3 hours,


No response from OWEB regarding their demands from the UNWC.    Cory asked for a copy of the UNWC responses to OWEBs demands.    Linda will create a packet.  OWEB doesn’t plan to respond until sometime in October.


Next Projects


1)                  Elk Creek Phase 2  $438K  (goes underS-V Hwy)

2)                 WalkerCreek  (Hampton)   $    LWP

3)                  Oak Ranch Creek Design  Phase 1  (will resubmit for phase 2 once design completed)


Not Funded


1)                  Jewell 4th year tree planting

2)                  Landowner Outreach Year 3


Both will be resubmitted.  These were not funded due to limited funding from OWEB, not the quality of the project.


1)                  Continueing Work:

2)                  LWD  East Fork Nehalem  (BLM, Weyerhauser, UNWC)

3)                  Knufke  LWD project

4)                 Battle creek   3 crossigs and LW

5)                  Rapid Bio Assessment – of streams not included in existing/complete assessment + Yr 3 East Fork Nehalem

6)                  DEQ Project

7)                  22 Landowner Projects


Jesse will be working on Outreach projects, including Landowner workshops.