Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Meeting Agenda


UNWC Steering Committee Quarterly Meeting Agenda December 5th, 2013



6:30: Convene: Welcome and Introductions

6:35: Public Comment: “Good of the Order”

6:40: Council Business

  • Minutes: read and approve October 24th , 2013 meeting
  • Treasure Report: Lee Klingler
  • Directors Report: Maggie Peyton


7:00 Finance and Human Resource Committees form up and work.

  • Finance Committee: UNWC Contract Policy, Explore Contracting Templates for various types of contracts, Define inventory system needs.
  • Human Resource Committee: Chair and Committee conduct annual evaluation of Executive Director, Steering Committee recruitment, Student involvement/ Strengthen connection between schools and UNWC.

8:15 Steering Committee reconvenes to share their accomplishments.

8:25 : Discuss Agenda for next meeting.

8:30: Adjourn Meeting “Fare Thee Well”