The Watershed

The Upper Nehalem Watershed Council boundary includes the Upper Nehalem, Middle Nehalem and most of the Lower Nehalem class V watersheds. The Council boundary covers an area of 541 square miles in four counties (Columbia, Clatsop, Tillamook and Washington).


To foster stewardship and understanding of the natural resources of the Upper Nehalem Watershed among the stakeholders of the watershed communities in order to protect, conserve, restore and sustain the health and functions of the watershed.


A balanced ecosystem that supports a healthy watershed that provides for an economic base and viable watershed communities.


Our role is to establish and support the implementation of a Watershed Action Plan through a consensus building process. Our membership is broadly representative of those individuals and stakeholder groups having an interest in the ecological and economic productivity of the watershed and the health of the watershed communities. We seek to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  We seek to maintain a balance of stakeholder group representation.

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